How much does a silver quarter weigh?

Answer A silver United States quarter dollar weighs exactly 6.25 grams. This is equivalent to 0.22 ounces. Silver quarters are actually 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. The U.S. Mint stopped makin... Read More »

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How much do Ike silver dollars weigh?

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike) silver dollars were issued by the United States between 1971 and 1974, and also in 1976. They weigh approximately .87 ounces, or 24.59 grams. The coins are made of 40 per... Read More »

Does silver weigh more than nickel?

Silver, with a molecular weight of 107.87 grams per mole, weighs more than nickel at 58.71 grams per mole, according to LennTech. Elements are ordered by increasing atomic mass, so the element with... Read More »

Planter that is cirular and 5 and half feet across and approximately 24 tall How much dirt is in the pot and how much does it weigh?

area pi(r)2(h)=A pi(5.5)2(24)=A the area should be about 2280.796 square feet - that's how much dirt... the weight depends on how much dirt weighs, which i don't know.... Correction Our friend ... Read More »

How much silver is in a silver 1960 half dollar?

A silver 1960 half dollar is a Benjamin Franklin half dollar, which weighs 12.5 grams and is made of 90 percent silver. Thus, the silver content of a 1960 half dollar is 11.25 grams.References:Fran... Read More »