How much does a short sale hurt your credit?

Answer A short sale occurs when the seller of a house cannot sell the house for what he owes the mortgage lender. If the seller meets certain criteria as set by the bank, the lender may elect to accept a ... Read More »

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How do I short sale without affecting my credit?

Avoid Late PaymentsKeep payments on your home current if at all possible. Late payments can cause your credit score to drop significantly. You will lessen damage to your credit if payments are less... Read More »

How much does a short sale affect credit?

If your home is worth less than the amount of your mortgage and you cannot continue making the payments, you may request that your lender approve a short sale. A short sale, however, can damage you... Read More »

Does a Short Sale Damage Credit?

Short sales occur when a home sells for less than the outstanding mortgage. In an attempt to protect credit scores, home sellers sometimes decide to do a short sale to avoid foreclosure. The pro... Read More »

Does a short sale affect credit?

The effects of a short sale on credit depend on how a lender reports the information to the bureaus. Lenders can report the short sale as a debt settlement, which lowers credit ratings. On the othe... Read More »