How much does a short sale hurt your credit?

Answer A short sale occurs when the seller of a house cannot sell the house for what he owes the mortgage lender. If the seller meets certain criteria as set by the bank, the lender may elect to accept a ... Read More »

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How much does a short sale affect credit?

If your home is worth less than the amount of your mortgage and you cannot continue making the payments, you may request that your lender approve a short sale. A short sale, however, can damage you... Read More »

How long does a short sale stay on your credit history?

A short sale will remain for about two years on your credit report before you are eligible to buy again. A short sale stay on your credit history is contingent on the bank's reporting of the agreem... Read More »

Short Sale Effects on Your Credit Score?

Homeowners facing foreclosure may wonder if a short sale is a viable option for them. After all, a foreclosure and a short sale both involve giving up your home. Still, a short sale is very diffe... Read More »

How will a short sale affect your credit?

A short sale allows a homeowner who can no longer afford his home to sell it and avoid foreclosure. Whether he sells in a short sale or the bank forecloses, the homeowner's credit report is impacte... Read More »