How much does a root canal hurt?

Answer Shouldn't hurt at all other than a few small pokes of the needle to use local anesthetics. Since they are removing the nerve you wont feel anything afterwards, other than maybe some mild discomfort... Read More »

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How bad does a root canal hurt?

It doesnt hurt DURING the Canal, they use anthessia, its AFTER the anesthesia wears off, that it hurts and its hurts your wallet its costs like $1000!!!

Does a root canal hurt?

I had one, and it didn't hurt too much, but I know what they were doing and it really grossed me out to think about if you don't know about what they do, ignorance is bliss.

Does having a Root Canal Hurt?

If you need the cavity filled, the dentist will first assess the problem. She will take you to a patient room, like normal, and determine the size and depth of the cavity. Then, she (or her assist... Read More »

Does getting a root canal hurt?

Honestly, the pain you are feeling right now is worse than root canal. There might be a little discomfort with the novocaine shot, but you will be numbed up that you shouldn't feel anything but a ... Read More »