How much does a regular cup of coffee cost in your area?

Answer it varies, at the store up the street you can get a coffee for around $1.50, but if you want to go to starbucks, it will vary based on what you want. mine coosts about $4.35 (eek thats a lot)

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How much does it cost for one litre (or equivalent) of petrol in your area at the moment?

Does espresso coffee have a higher ph than regular coffee?

The pH of coffee depends on the type of bean that is used. There are several different types of coffee beans and espresso is just another type of bean. Due to the fact that not all beans will have ... Read More »

Why does Decaf coffee cost so much more?

it costs more cause they have to make a whole different batch just for decaf.

How much more does colored contacts cost than regular ones?

Firstly you'd have to have a new fitting as accuvue don't do coloured lenses so you'd need a new brand. It depends on your perscription what that would cost. Typcially coloured lenses can't be worn... Read More »