How much do registered nurses make annually?

Answer On average, a registered makes approximately $47,700 to $69,800 every year in the United States, as of 2009. The highest paid RN's have a national salary average of about $83,400.Source:Nurse-Schoo... Read More »

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How much does a surgical nurse make annually?

The median salary for a surgical nurse is $74,750 a year, according to, as of April 2010. The pay range is from $66,206 to $80,353 a year, depending on experience and location.Source:Sal... Read More »

Should a school nurse be a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse?

Every state requires that school nurses hold a registered nursing (RN) license. Depending on the state, additional certification may be required. The National Board for Certification of School Nurs... Read More »

About how much does a registered nurse make a year?

The average salary of a registered nurse is about $73,000 per year, as of March 2010, according to the website Registered nurse salaries can vary considerably based on the specialty of... Read More »

How much does a registered nurse make hourly?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses earn a median hourly wage of approximately $31 as of 2008. Depending on experience, location and level of training, an RN can ear... Read More »