How much does a quarter of weed weigh?

Answer it weighs about 6.5 to 7grams.

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How much does a silver quarter weigh?

A silver United States quarter dollar weighs exactly 6.25 grams. This is equivalent to 0.22 ounces. Silver quarters are actually 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. The U.S. Mint stopped makin... Read More »

How much does it cost to make a quarter?

According to a report released by the United States Mint in 2004, it cost 7.33 cents to make a quarter. The first quarter was made in 1796 with Lady Liberty on one side and an eagle on the reverse.... Read More »

How much does it cost to replace a rear quarter panel on a Dodge Caravan?

A new rear quarter panel for a Dodge Caravan new can cost approximately $350. Junkyards will a used rear quarter panel for as little as $40.Source:Dodge RepairUsed Dodge Grand Caravan Parts Hotline... Read More »

Planter that is cirular and 5 and half feet across and approximately 24 tall How much dirt is in the pot and how much does it weigh?

area pi(r)2(h)=A pi(5.5)2(24)=A the area should be about 2280.796 square feet - that's how much dirt... the weight depends on how much dirt weighs, which i don't know.... Correction Our friend ... Read More »