How much does a process server make?

Answer The salary range for new process servers starts at $19,653 up to as high as $36,625. A process server with more than a year of experience, but less than 4 years, can expect to make between $22,000 ... Read More »

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Can a civil process server make an arrest?

A civil process server cannot make an arrest. The scope of practice for a civil process server includes serving court documents to individuals or businesses and filing papers with the court. Some p... Read More »

Can a civil process server make an arrest in South Carolina?

A civil process server can make an arrest in South Carolina, but only in certain circumstances. South Carolina Code of Law Section 17-13-10 allows for any person to make an arrest if he has witness... Read More »

Does a process server need to be licensed?

Alaska, Arizona, California, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas require process servers to be licensed. In addition, some states require that process servers be registered in their coun... Read More »

How much does a server at rainforest cafe make (downtown Disney FL)?

I used to live in Orlando for a while and worked in the area. My husband was a server at Outback (not the chain, an upscalish restaurant at the Buena Vista Palace resort). I know the servers there ... Read More »