How much does a pro soccer player make?

Answer A professional soccer player's salary varies based on skill level, league, team and demand for that particular athlete. For example, some professional players in Major League Soccer earn as low as ... Read More »

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How many miles does a soccer player run per game?

Soccer players run five to eight miles a game, according to former D.C. United player Josh Gros. Dr. Don Kirkendall, a professor at the University of North Carolina, estimated professional players ... Read More »

What does high school All American soccer player mean?

A high school All American in soccer is a player chosen as one of the best soccer players in the country. There are only a few organizations that are recognized as having the expertise to choose th... Read More »

What action does the referee take if a player is offside in soccer?

When a player is caught offside in soccer the referee will stop the match with a blow of his whistle while simultaneously raising one hand in the air. This raised hand indicates that the restart of... Read More »

How much does a baseball player make in one game?

According to the website Baseball Almanac, the average salary for Major League Baseball players in 2010 is $3.3 million a year. A baseball season is 162 games, so the average player makes $20,370 ... Read More »