How much does a 10x12 portable building cost?

Answer A portable building measuring10 feet by12 feet costs between approximately $600 and $2500. The cheapest in this size are simple sheds with no features. The most expensive are attractive and resembl... Read More »

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How much does it cost to rent a portable stage?

The cost to rent a portable stage depends on the size of the stage needed and the company you rent it from. A typical price is $20 to $75 per 4x4 deck piece, including delivery, set-up and pick-up.... Read More »

How much does PAT Portable Appliance Testing cost?

Individual things cost approx £12, on bulk, goes down to approx 50p per item.It's a test for double insulation on appliances or earth bonding testing for appliances that have an earth and metal ca... Read More »

How much does it cost to fix the white line on the screen of my portable DVD player?

It will likely never be fixed, if you contact the manufacturer they will probably have a program in which you ship it to them and then they ship you a new one for some amount of money probably betw... Read More »

Is it possible to bridge a Portable T-Mobile Laptop stick(portable modem) to a wireless router using windows7?

That's not true, wifi bridges are only use to expand your wifi beyond the range of your wifi router.