Can an off duty police officer who you cut off have a ticket issued to you after the fact by another police officer in Ontario?

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Do you have to complete year 12 to become a police officer in Sydney Australia?

Aside from a number of things, such as being 19, having your licence and being fit and medically cleared in order to join the NSW Police Force you must be elligible for the Charles Sturt University... Read More »

Should a off duty police officer inform you that he is a police officer?

I say yes Why should he, do you feel tat you have to tell people what you do for a living. No he doesn't have to tell you. Added: The above answer is true insofar as it goes. Additionally, howeve... Read More »

Can i make a citizen arrest on a police officer?

Of course you can, you're his boss!He's a "public servant", not your king.As a matter of fact, cops do illegal stuff all day long!When they put their reds & blues on behind you, you're only require... Read More »

Is it illegal to have a police baton if you are not a police officer in Pennsylvania?

The answer is uncertain. Pennsylvania statue 18 Pa.-908 does not specifically state a police baton is illegal. The statute does refer to the short baton-like blackjack as being an offensive weapon.... Read More »