How much does a plasma screen cost?

Answer Its alot of money, at least $1,000.

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How much does a plasma screen tv cost to run?

This information would be on the back of the screen. look for a number with the word WATTS after it. I would guess something between 120 and 190 watts.

How much does a 15 inch plasma screen tv cost?

There are no 15-inch plasma screens on the market. The plasma screen market is now limited to very large scale screens (50" +).

How much will it cost to repair my Philips Flat screen plasma 42" TV to get rid of 3 inch vertical stripes?

that's a common problem with television's. The cost to repair the problem generally runs about $400-$500. It sounds like your high voltage power supply is not functioning properly.

Can plasma screen tilted will it damage the plasma screen?

yes. most can tilt about 10 degrees back or forward, beyond that you're taking a big risk. never, EVER, lay a plasma tv flat. Even if you're moving it and it's turned off. The heavy glass can be... Read More »