How is gentleman jack different to jack daniels?

Answer gentleman jack is smoother. I like it alot, not a big JD fan in general but gentleman jack is way smoother

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How much does it cost to add a phone jack?

The cost to add a new telephone jack is normally around $60, however, the total cost of the installation varies depending on the phone jack's location within your office or home.Source:Berry's Home... Read More »

How much do you think a pint should cost in an Irish pub ?

Rural pubs don't really have a future, but pubs in towns and cities definitely do.A pub has to understand its target market. It should choose its style and stick to it. Does it want a young / old /... Read More »

Is Magic jack a scam Whats the deal How much does it cost?

The Magicjack is a Voip (Voice over internet protocol) device. It plugs into the USB port of a computer. The computer needs to be on and connected to a high speed connection. Each one will have it'... Read More »

Headphone jack How much does it cost to repair on a samsung galaxy s3?

The same thing happened with my iPhone. You may have a one year warranty so go to a phone shop and check. Apple gave me a new phone for free.