How much does a US Air Force pilot make per year?

Answer It depends on his rank, and time in service.

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How much does a commercial pilot make a year?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in May 2008 a commercial airline pilot made an average salary of $119,750. The pilot is responsible for flying the plane safely and troubleshooting ... Read More »

How much can a fighter pilot in the Air Force make in one calendar year?

The US Air Force was originally part of the US Army as far back as WWI. Then It was the Army Air Corps. After WWII the Air force became a separate branch of the service in 1947.

How much does a US Coast Guard pilot earn per year?

What is easier to became a Navy pilot or an Air Force pilot?

It of course depends on who you ask, but in general, training for Naval Aviators is more difficult than it is for Air Force pilots. The primary difference is that AF pilots don't have to train to l... Read More »