I am a licensed pharmacist in the Philippines. How can I be an international pharmacist in Switzerland?

Answer You can't, you're going to happy to apply to med school and do a pharmacist degree

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How much is pharmacist malpractice insurance?

Pharmacist malpractice insurance plans typically cost about $200 a year and give an average of $3 million dollars coverage. The coverage is desirable not only for full-fledged pharmacists but for p... Read More »

How much is the monthly salary of a pharmacist in Switzerland?

A salary depends on various factors, no general answer can therefore be given to your question.Did you know this: The personal wages ‘Salarium’ is an interactive application which allows you to... Read More »

What does a pharmacist assistant do?

A pharmacist assistant helps pharmacy staff with customer service duties, clerical functions and inventory control. Customer service duties can include receiving prescriptions from customers, answe... Read More »

If no one got sick how would doctors & pharmacist make their money?

A sudden outbreak of wellness would ruin them financially.There are in fact about 60,000 chemicals being used in the world today. Only a small fraction have been tested for carcinogenic properties.... Read More »