How much does a personal digital assistant cost?

Answer The cost of personal digital assistants depends on their manufacturer, capabilities and retailer. For example, Amazon sells the PalmOne m500 Handheld for $75, the Asus A626 for $325 and the Dell Ax... Read More »

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What is a personal digital assistant?

One of the most common pieces of portable technology used by working professionals, a personal digital assistant (PDA) serves as a hand-held computer and time management device. Most models provide... Read More »

Features of a Personal Digital Assistant?

If you lead a busy life, a personal digital assistant may help you keep track of everything. While PDAs were originally standalone devices, they are now included on mobile phones and handheld multi... Read More »

Who invented the personal digital assistant?

The earliest form of the modern PDA was invented by Apple in August 1993. Named the "Newton MessagePad," this hand-held organizer featured a touch-sensitive LCD screen, a 20 MHz processor and fax ... Read More »

When was the first personal digital assistant invented?

The first Personal Digital Assistant, the Apple Newton, was first seen in 1992 at the Consumer Electronic Show and released in 1993. The precursor to the common tablet-style PDA, the Atari Portfoli... Read More »