How much does a perfusionist make?

Answer Perfusionists are paid between $86,359 and $128,563 a year to operate heart and lung monitoring machines during surgeries, according to Salaries depend on where the perfusionist is empl... Read More »

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Perfusionist Certification?

A perfusionist is the member of a cardiothoracic surgical team who is responsible for operation of a heart-lung machine during cardiac surgery. Also known as clinical perfusionists, they are also ... Read More »

What does a lung perfusionist do?

A lung perfusionist--also known as a cardio-pulmonary perfusionist or, more simply, a perfusionist--regulates the vital supply of blood to a patient's heart and lungs during surgery. There are many... Read More »

What is the Salary Range of a Perfusionist?

The salary for a perfusionist ranges from $60,000 to $75,000 for a recent graduate, while a perfusionist with 6 to 10 years experience can expect to make $80,000 to $100,000 per year. A perfusionis... Read More »

Do all surgeries require a Perfusionist?

Not all surgeries require a Perfusionist; in fact, most do not. Perfusionists are part of a medical team that performs cardiac procedures such as open heart surgery. During cardiac procedures the P... Read More »