How much does a paternity test cost in Texas?

Answer The cost of a paternity test in Texas depends on if it is prenatal or not and if it is a self-collection test. A prenatal paternity test costs $850. A legally admissible test costs $460. A self-col... Read More »

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How much does a paternity test cost?

According to DNA Genetic Connections, a legal paternity test should cost no more than $550. Many home DNA tests, such as those from Home DNA, are available for under $100. However, private DNA test... Read More »

How much does a paternity hair test cost?

Paternity testing can cost between $400 and $2,000. Hair paternity testing is typically less expensive than other types of paternity tests, and some sites offer hair testing for as low as $100 per... Read More »

How long does one have to contest a paternity test in Texas?

DNA paternity testing results may be very difficult to contest. Since DNA testing does not conclude 100-percent paternity, there is room to request further investigation. Most likely you will need ... Read More »

How much does dna paternity testing cost?

DNA self test costs range from $89 for a basic kit to over $230 for a legally binding test. These tests are completed by the patient and mailed to the lab for analysis. DNA testing at an accredited... Read More »