How much does a part time nanny cost?

Answer The cost for a part-time nanny starts around $12 an hour but can range anywhere from $20 to $25 an hour depending on geographical location, the number of children cared for and if she is a live at ... Read More »

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How much does a part-time nanny cost in Washington D.C.?

Part-time nannies are paid more in D.C. than the national average of $12 an hour. In general, D.C.-area nannies cost approximately $20 an hour. This figure is more or less based on the number of ch... Read More »

How much does a nanny cost in Alabama?

Nannies typically earn salaries of $500 to $700 a week for full-time work, though live-in nannies make less, according to Baby Center. Every nanny has his or her own rate, but Baby Center states th... Read More »

When do Fran the nanny and Mr Sheffield get married on the nanny?

M.Sheffield and F.Fine got married on the 40th episode.They get married at the end of season five

If you are adopted, and then raised by a nanny, is the nanny your mother?

Phil,Thank you for pointing out the issues involved in simply naming the person who does the majority of childcare and raising as the mother. It is not as cut and dry as stating that the "real" mo... Read More »