How much does a paramedical esthetician make?

Answer The salary range for a paramedical esthetician can range widely. According to the Occupational Employment Survey of Employers, the average yearly wage is $27,113 but the salary can range from $15,... Read More »

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Paramedical Esthetician Training?

Scientific and technological advances have created skin care equipment and techniques that complement the services offered by physicians. A paramedical esthetician is a licensed cosmetologist who ... Read More »

Paramedical Esthetician Careers?

Paramedical estheticians, or medical estheticians, are cosmetologists who work in a variety of medical settings--like clinics, physicians' offices or hospitals. After finishing cosmetology school t... Read More »

Can a paramedical esthetician remove tattoos?

No, a paramedical esthetician cannot remove tattoos. They limit their services to pre- and post-operative skin care. A plastic surgeon or a dermatologist will remove a tattoo, sometimes with the as... Read More »

What kind of a career can a paramedical esthetician have?

Paramedical estheticians, also called medical estheticians, work side by side with physicians in various settings. A person interested in helping better the self esteem of others by improving their... Read More »