How much does a nursing home assistant make?

Answer A nursing home assistant in the middle of the salary range makes an hourly wage of from $9.71 and $13.76. The upper 10 percent can earn about $15.97 an hour, according to May 2008 data from the Bur... Read More »

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What is the average price of in-home nursing assistant care?

The average cost for in-home nursing assistant care was $21 per hour as of 2009, according to Nursing assistants typically perform tasks like monitoring patients' vital signs and ch... Read More »

How much does a nursing assistant make in Clare, Michigan?

The average wage for a certified nurse assistant (CNA) in Clare, Michigan, is about $13.39 per hour or $27,860 per year. Wages for CNAs vary by education, experience, hours and other factors.Source... Read More »

How Much Does a Certified Nursing Assistant Make in Oklahoma City?

Surgeons, doctors and registered nurses handle the decision-making and examinations in the health care industry, but it's the certified nursing assistants who have the greatest contact with patient... Read More »

What is the difference between a medical assistant&a nursing assistant?

Medical assistants and nursing assistants assist health care professionals, such as physicians and nurses, by providing patient care in a health care setting. Responsibilities are similar in some w... Read More »