How much does a notary public make in California?

Answer As of 2009, the average salary for a California notary public is $41,000; the median salary is $51,745, which is higher than the median salary for public notaries in Texas, New York and Florida. S... Read More »

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When does a California notary public commission expire?

A California notary public commission is valid for four years from the date issued. You may begin the renewal process before your California notary public commission has expired to avoid delay in h... Read More »

How much does a public notary signature cost?

Obtaining a notarized signature need not cost you anything but a trip to your local bank. Most banks will notarize your document free of charge, if you are an account holder. Check with your bank f... Read More »

How much does a public New York notary charge per page?

New York law allows a notary public to charge $2.00 "per signature." However, New York law does not limit charges for "mobile" notary public fees, so the prices for a mobile notary can be considera... Read More »

What is a notary public in california?

A California notary public is an official appointed by the state to witness important oaths and documents.PurposeNotaries exist to verify that certain legal documents have been signed and are sworn... Read More »