How much does a new video card cost?

Answer The EVGA GeForce 8400 1 gb is a good graphics card that will run sims 3 easily. It can be purchased off amazon for $ 40 here >>

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How much does a good video capture card cost?

$30-$50. Call like Compusa or BestBuy. Best of Luck

How much does a new sim card cost?

A SIM card holds all your private mobile phone device information such as your phonebook. The prices vary with each carrier, but the range is usually $15 to $35. There are sometimes activation an... Read More »

How much does a SIM card cost?

Answer In 1999, a SIM card in Canada was $25

How much does a video camera cost?

It depends whether you want a professional video camera or a camcorder. If neither you can also just get a digital camera, they usually have a feature to record videos. Here are some price ranges:... Read More »