How much does a new four-wheeler cost?

Answer mine was 299$

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How much do four wheeler tires cost?

Four-wheeler tires vary on dimensions and whether they are intended for on- or off-road riding. Tires for on- and off-road range from $169 to $185, and off-roading tires average above $230 and some... Read More »

How to Drain Oil Out of a Four-Wheeler?

A four-wheeler operates basically the way a car does, and it needs oil and fuel to operate just like any other motorized vehicle. Oil keeps the internal parts lubricated and cool to prevent them fr... Read More »

What's wrong with my 4 wheeler?

could be a lot of things more info would be appreciated (was it sitting for a long period of time) i think its the carb its prolly clogged or dirty try to keep it choked and be easy with the thrott... Read More »

Who made the first 4 wheeler?

The first All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) was made by Honda in 1970 in response to dealers who wanted a product to sell during the winter, when motorcycle sales dropped off. The four-speed ATV had a 7 ho... Read More »