How much does a new bathroom increase the value of a house?

Answer Provided you use quality materials and make the bathroom relatively large, you can expect to get about 65 percent of your bathroom investment back when the house goes up for sale. For an upscale ne... Read More »

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How much does an above ground pool increase the value of a house?

According to the National Association of Realtors, in-ground pools add 7.7 percent to the value of a home, on average, though it varies by area. In the dry Southwest, in-ground pools add 11 percent... Read More »

How does the value of a house increase?

The value of a house can be increased by a number of factors. Improving the condition of the property will help increase the value. And a home situated in a good location will increase in value as ... Read More »

Does a metal roof increase the value of your house?

On One Hand: A metal roof can save you money and add value.When compared to a shingle roof, a metal roof is more durable. Metal roofs can be more easily installed than rubber ones, which have to be... Read More »

Does a townhouse increase in value as much as a home?

Townhouses do not typically increase in value as much as free-standing houses in the same area. Free-standing houses are usually more expensive than townhouses because the free-standing structures ... Read More »