How much does a nanny usually make?

Answer When parents are at work or require additional assistance, they hire a nanny. According to, a resource for job seekers, a nanny earned an average salary of $23,000 as of June 2010.Source... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Net Nanny 6.5 & Net Nanny Home Suite?

Net Nanny is a monitoring program that helps parents control what their kids see on the Internet. Net Nanny offers several different ways for parents to monitor their kids' online activities.

If you are adopted, and then raised by a nanny, is the nanny your mother?

Phil,Thank you for pointing out the issues involved in simply naming the person who does the majority of childcare and raising as the mother. It is not as cut and dry as stating that the "real" mo... Read More »

When do Fran the nanny and Mr Sheffield get married on the nanny?

M.Sheffield and F.Fine got married on the 40th episode.They get married at the end of season five

How much does a nanny make an hour?

A live-in nanny can expect to make $8.89 to $12 an hour. A nanny who does not live in the employer's home can expect to make $11.11 to $14 per hour, according to Nanny Locators. The per-hour wage ... Read More »