How much does a medical sonographer make?

Answer As of February 2010, a diagnostic medical sonographer with one to four years of experience earns $23.72 per hour on average, while those have under one year of experience earn earn $19.42 per hour ... Read More »

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How much does a diagnostic medical sonographer make in Utah?

According to the University of Utah School of Medicine, a diagnostic medical sonographer's salary can range from a starting point of $41,600 per year up to $70,000 per year if a sonographer special... Read More »

What Would a Medical Sonographer Do in a Medical or Diagnostic Laboratory?

Sonography is probably best known in the general population for its use in obstetrics. However, it has a variety of additional applications in the diagnosis and treatment of other diseases, accordi... Read More »

How do I become a medical sonographer?

According to the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS), a diagnostic medical sonographer is a specially trained healthcare professional who uses ultrasound technology to produce images of... Read More »

What do you need to be a medical diagnostic sonographer?

Ultrasound imaging is a relatively safe way to look inside your body because it involves sound waves and not radiation. However, for proper use, it does require the expertise of a medical diagnosti... Read More »