How much does a medical coding specialist make?

Answer According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical records and health information technicians, including medical coding specialists, made a median salary of about $28,000 in 2006. T... Read More »

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How much does a medical billing and coding specialist make?

In 2008, the yearly salary for a medical billing and coding specialist ranged from $20,440 to $50,060 with an average annual salary of $32,960.Source:Bureau of Labor Statistics

Is a medical coding specialist a good career?

On One Hand: Medical Coding is a Growing FieldMedical coding, or the process of assigning numeric and alphanumeric codes to patient diagnoses and procedures, represents one of the fastest growing f... Read More »

What is the Average Salary of a Medical Coding & Billing Specialist?

The average annual salary for a credentialed medical coding and billing specialist is $43,100, whereas a non-credentialed coder makes approximately $36,500. A variety of factors can influence this ... Read More »

What is the average salary of a medical coding and billing specialist?

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for medical billing and coding specialists (also called billing and posting clerks) as of May 2008 was $32,210 with an average ho... Read More »