How much does a major league umpire make?

Answer The salary of Major League Baseball umpires depends on the amount of experience they have, according to Ask Men. Umpires make between $100,00 and $280,000, and also receive more than $50,000 for ex... Read More »

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How to Be a Little League Umpire?

Little League Umpiring is quite different than that of standard umpiring. Let's take a look at some guidelines that will help you out.

Is the diameter&weight of a little league baseball the same as a major league baseball?

The diameter and weight of the baseballs are the same in Little League and the big leagues. Differences may occur in the stitching of the baseball, with Little League baseball stitching being sligh... Read More »

Who hit the first Major League home run?

Ezra Sutton hit the first major league home run in the fourth innning on May 8, 1871, playing for the Cleveland Forest Citys in the National Association of Professional Baseball Players. He homered... Read More »

How many teams are in Major League Soccer?

Major League Soccer (MLS), the premier soccer league in the United States and Canada, has 16 teams split between two conferences. In 2011, the MLS will expand into two more markets with teams start... Read More »