How much does a linguist make a year?

Answer A linguist's salary can vary by experience. As of November 2009, a linguist with less than one year of experience earns between $24,348 and $47,917. If she has 20 or more years of expereince, she c... Read More »

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What is the role of a linguist?

Simply stated, the role of a linguist is to study language. A linguist can spend his entire career studying and comparing different languages around the world to figure out how they work.SoundOne r... Read More »

Linguist Schools?

Linguistics, or the study of the social and structural characteristics of language, incorporates elements of anthropology, psychology and even philosophy. Obtaining a linguistics degree can lead to... Read More »

Linguist Grants?

A linguist is a scientific researcher who studies languages. Subdivisions of the field include the study of how languages were formed, the origin of words and how sounds are made and perceived by o... Read More »

What is a computational linguist?

Linguistics is a field that studies language and communication. Linguists evaluate elements of language, such as verbal and written communication, and the grammar of languages.There are many specia... Read More »