How much does a land developer make?

Answer As of May 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that the average annual salary for land developers or urban and regional planners was $62,400. The average hourly rate was $30.00.So... Read More »

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What do I need to be a land developer?

A land developer is a project manager who oversees the construction of buildings and other facilities on empty parcels of land. Once a piece of property has been acquired, a developer works with ar... Read More »

When the seller or developer failed to deliver the condominium unit due to non construction of the project what interest rate the developer must pay to he buyer for the amount they paid?

Your answer is contained within the purchase agreement that you signed originally.

If bought a condo but the developer continues to significantly rent units is there an out for a condo owner Is the developer responsible for a certain buyer vs renter percentage?

Read your governing documents to determine what the developer is 'allowed' to do during the 'declarant control period'. As well, determine the status of the project, so that you know what ratios ar... Read More »

Microsoft Developer Vs. Java Developer?

Among the hundreds of programming languages, Java and .NET (pronounced "dot-net") are two of the most prevalent. Java receives its popularity due to its cross-platform nature and use of relatively ... Read More »