How much does a jump drive cost?

Answer Jump drives are sold for different prices, depending on the amount of gigabytes and the style. In late 2009, jump drives ranged in price from just under $20 to some that are more than $100.Source:O... Read More »

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How to Convert an Internal Hard Drive to an External Jump Drive?

An external "jump" drive is a drive that can be attached to a USB port, allowing for fast and simple access to the data therein. Converting your existing internal hard drive into an external drive ... Read More »

How to Make a Backup of Hard Drive to a Jump Drive?

Jump drives, often referred to as USB drives, use flash memory technology. These small devices plug into your computer's USB port and are typically used to store and transfer files to and from your... Read More »

Is a flash drive the same as a jump drive?

Yes, a flash drive is the same as a jump drive. Flash drives are also referred to as thumb drives and pen drives. The name refers to a removable flash memory storage device that uses a USB interfac... Read More »

What is a jump drive used for?

Jump drives are portable storage devices around the size of a thumb that plug into a USB port on a computer. These flash drives most often give users from 256 MB to 16 GB of storage space, but larg... Read More »