Are hydrogen-powered cars better for the environment than diesel&petrol-powered cars?

Answer On One Hand: Hydrogen is the Cleanest Burning FuelThe advantage of burning hydrogen over any other fuel is that when hydrogen burns it combines with oxygen and the only emission from this reaction ... Read More »

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What is a hydrogen powered car?

A hydrogen-powered car uses an electric motor for power and utilizes non-polluting hydrogen fuel. The mainstream production of hydrogen cars is still in the development stage. Hydrogen-fueled cars ... Read More »

How much is it to refuel a hydrogen powered car?

Hydrogen stations are increasing in density and popularity, but due to state and federal taxes, the price of fuel will change from location to location. Drivers of hydrogen powered cars can find hy... Read More »

Are hydrogen powered cars expensive?

On One Hand: Honda Is Leasing a Reasonably Priced Hydrogen CarIn 2008, Honda released the world's first commercially viable hydrogen powered car, the FCX, according to the New York Times. Although ... Read More »

How much would a solar-powered house cost?

According to, "The cost of solar power varies by location, due primarily to the availability of tax incentives and rebates from utilities and state and local governments." On average... Read More »