How to Start a Humming Bird Club?

Answer If you like humming birds, you might like to consider starting a humming bird club to celebrate the beauty and enjoyment of these dainty and vibrant birds. This article provides some suggestions fo... Read More »

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What is the sugar water formula for humming bird feeders?

When mixing your own hummingbird nectar, it is best to create a mixture that is as close as possible to the average sucrose content of the flowers hummingbirds frequent. This sucrose level is aroun... Read More »

Ratio of Sugar to Water When Making Humming Bird Food?

The air seems thick with magic when a hummingbird hovers nearby, iridescent feathers gleaming in the light. According to the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, the hummingbird is "plagued by los... Read More »

How much does Big Bird weigh?

Birds are very light because of their thin bones made convenient for flying. I forget if Big Bird can fly, but if he can, I would estimate about 83 pounds, considering the size of his build. If he ... Read More »

Why does my computer keep humming?

I'd do what Jeremy suggested first, if that doesn't do it, do what Kitty suggested. While doing the first, make sure the power supply is unplugged. You may need a new case fan, if it can't be clean... Read More »