How much does a hoover vacuum weigh?

Answer that depends on what kind of fridge you own. please add more detail

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How much does the Hoover Dam weigh?

Hoover Dam is solid concrete, the full weight of which is about 6.6 million tons. The extreme weight of the dam is necessary to hold back the average 22,500 pounds of pressure per square foot that... Read More »

How much does a 1908 hoover vacuum cost?

A metering device on a refrigerator is usually a capillary(cap)tube.It is a very small copper line located somewhere between the condenser coils(outside-hot)and the evaporator coils(cooling coils).... Read More »

How much does a hoover vacuum cost in 1907?

Vegetables, when placed in a cooling environment such as a refridgerator, will go hard as the water content freezes to some degree. However, as the vegetable rots, it will become softer as the fibr... Read More »

How much does a Kirby vacuum weigh?