What is the best hookah How can I get best wholesale hookah?

Answer I think you can check the website adress I haven given at my resource box. It is the best one so far...

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How is it in hookah bar?

I have been to several and they all differ. Most have lots of couches and comfy places to sit and relax. I have been to some that are very colorful and play music and some that are more quiet and r... Read More »

Hookah pen what is it.....what does it do?

It's an eCigarette flavored in typical hookah flavors.It's virtually harmless.…

What hookah pen should I get?

Enjoy the taste of a flavorful hookah where ever you go! Introducing Smooth brand E-Hookahs, a tobacco-free, nicotine-free hand-held disposable hookah that you can smoke anywhere. Measuring about t... Read More »

How much is a hookah pen?

You have to be 18 and you can get them from some certain smoke shops in between 8-11 dollars for a disposable one.