How much does a honda element cost?

Answer The 2010 Honda Element has an MSRP of $20,525 to $23,885, according to The price will depend on the features of the vehicle. Buying an older model that is certified used or used with no ... Read More »

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How much does the element chlorine cost?

Chlorine in its elemental form is a gas produced by applying electricity to sea water or brine from underground salt mines. This elemental chlorine costs $0.15 per 100 grams, according to Chemicool... Read More »

How much can a Honda Element tow?

Both the 2010 Honda Element LX and EX have the ability to tow trailers and other objects that weigh up to 1,500 pounds, according to Honda's official website for the vehicle. Owners must purchase a... Read More »

How much does a Honda Civic cost ?

The Honda Civic, a subcompact automobile manufactured in Japan, has been available to consumers since 1972. Prices for new and used Honda Civics vary greatly.2010 Honda CivicHonda has six variation... Read More »

How much does a Honda muffler cost?

A Honda muffler can range widely in price, from about $70 to $100 on the low end to about $300 to almost $600 on the high end. The variation in cost depends largely on the specific model of car and... Read More »