How big is a hockey puck?

Answer The National Hockey League defines a hockey puck dimensions as 1 inch thick, and 3 inches in diameter in rule 13.1. They are to weigh between 5½ and 6 ounces. All pucks must be approved by the lea... Read More »

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How fast does a hockey puck go?

The unofficial record is held by Sheldon Souray, who produced a 106.7 miles per hour shot at an Edmonton Oilers' skill competition in January 2009. The effort surpassed Chad Kilger's mark of 106.6 ... Read More »

How to Shoot a Hockey Puck?

Ok, you've got the skating part down, but there's another essential part of playing hockey: shooting. Here's how to give yourself the best chance of getting the puck in the goal.

How to Pass the Puck in Ice Hockey?

Passing the puck is real simple.

What is a hockey puck made from?

A hockey puck is made from vulcanized rubber. Vulcanized rubber is derived from 11 different ingredients including natural rubber, two types of oils, minerals and carbon black, which is used as fil... Read More »