How much does a high school class ring weigh?

Answer Traditional high school class rings range in weight from approximately 9 g for ladies' styles to over 20 g for mens' styles. Contemporary styles are sleeker and weigh as little as 5 g. Weight is in... Read More »

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How much does a high school discus weigh?

In American high school track and field competition, boys and girls throw different weight discuses. The discus weighs 1.6 kilograms for boys and 1.0 kilograms for the girls. That translates to 3 l... Read More »

How much does a class ring cost from Herff Jones?

Herff Jones class rings vary in price based on material, karat and design. According to Herff Jones, students can even opt for a layaway plan. However, Herff Jones does state that a $50 down-payme... Read More »

My daughter signed up for a film photography class at her high school. The first day of class we found out?

Depending where you live, you can try Craig's can see if anyone has one locally for sale and you can also post that you want to purchase one. Also try local pawn shops. As some of the ... Read More »

How much does a school bus weigh?

According to School Transportation News, the weight of a school bus depends on its classification. The smaller type A bus (commonly known as the "short bus") weighs as little as 6,001 lbs., while t... Read More »