How much does a green bell pepper weight?

Answer .47 lbs

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How to Turn a Green Bell Pepper Red?

When buying bell peppers, the red ones are often more expensive than the green ones. You can turn a green one into a red one using this method.

If bell pepper seed are starting to mold but the bell pepper is fine can you still eat it?

How much room do green pepper plants need?

Green pepper plants, also known as bell peppers, should be planted between 18 and 24 inches apart in all directions. Mature bell pepper plants range in height from 6 to 36 inches, depending on the ... Read More »

How Long Does It Take a Bell Pepper to Mature From the Bloom?

There are over 20 species of peppers but gardeners in North America generally grow only one species, "Capsicum annuum," which comes in sweet and hot varieties. The variety known as the sweet bell p... Read More »