How much does a good laptop cost?

Answer You could get a cheap dell if you wanna go PC... I prefer mac personally though. Space isn't an issue much these days... pay for the extra ram on your build though- it will keep you happy for a while.

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How much does a good car sound system cost?

On One Hand: From the explains that for the average person the standard sound system that comes with a car from the dealer is sufficient. If you need the best, the auto... Read More »

How much does it cost for a good video camera?

Depends on what you are looking for. A flip mino is about $160 - 180 but it has a small picture frame. it's portable, but only holds an hour of memory at a time.if you are talking about hand held, ... Read More »

How much does a good video capture card cost?

$30-$50. Call like Compusa or BestBuy. Best of Luck

How much does a good pair of designer jeans ( female ) cost in India ?

Dear It will depends on the brands you are going for.Even it will start from 300 or less Indian Rupees to a high rates or 3000 Rs (purely depends on the brand names.Lee, Levis, Lee Cooper, Arrow, W... Read More »