How much does a good laptop cost?

Answer You could get a cheap dell if you wanna go PC... I prefer mac personally though. Space isn't an issue much these days... pay for the extra ram on your build though- it will keep you happy for a while.

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Is there a great website to purchase good used or New Surplus Laptop Computers at Very low Cost- (not ebay).?

Try Circuit City out of box computers or merchandise.. very cost saving and still under orginal warranty.. Just a suggestion.. I had a very bad experience with ebay over a simple hand tool.. they s... Read More »

Is this laptop any good Alienware AM11x-826CSB Gaming Laptop (Cosmic Black)?

To run games like skyrim first you need a 4 gb ram stick in the computer and graphics card that is compatible with the graphics used in the games. Normally the better the quality card the better. N... Read More »

Good laptop models / laptop brands.. I'm looking for something under $1500..?

It really depends on what you need it for.. Good is very relative.. Do you need good battery life, does it need to play games, etc..

I think my sisters up to no good how can i keep an eye on her laptop from my laptop?

Get LogMeIn and change the settings so that she can't turn it off.