How much does a good laptop cost?

Answer You could get a cheap dell if you wanna go PC... I prefer mac personally though. Space isn't an issue much these days... pay for the extra ram on your build though- it will keep you happy for a while.

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How much does laptop repair cost?

A laptop's brand, model and the damage it has sustained will usually determine how much it costs to repair. Minor damage including a broken LCD display, broken drives or inputs, broken keyboards an... Read More »

How much does it cost to fix my laptop keyboard?

As of fall 2009, the average cost to fix a laptop keyboard can vary between $50 and $100, depending on whether it needs to be completely replaced or simply cleaned or if only certain keys need to b... Read More »

How much does a Dell laptop cost?

Dell laptops are some of the most inexpensive laptops available. In 2009, they start around $300 for a mini, $400 for a full-size laptop and can be almost $2,000 for the high-end laptops that have ... Read More »

How much does a laptop computer cost new?

Laptop computers vary greatly in cost depending on the brand, size, operating system and components. Basic laptops or netbooks are available online or in stores for under $300 as of 2009, but you ... Read More »