How much does a garbage man make?

Answer According to, the average starting pay for a garbage collector is from $24,148 to $32,073. A garbage man with more than 20 years' experience can earn up to $51,

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How much money do garbage collectors make?

A garbage collector's annual salary will vary depending on his location. As of 2010, a sanitation worker with five years' experience can expect to make anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 each year.So... Read More »

How much do Dallas garbage truck drivers make?

Garbage truck drivers in Dallas, Texas, earn between $23,816 and $39,428 a year as of June 2010. Salary Expert lists the average salary as $39,428. A job listing for "Truck Driver II Street Service... Read More »

How much does a garbage truck weigh?

Garbage trucks haul away loads of waste to help keep neighborhoods clean. What you may not know is that a garbage truck can weigh nearly 25 tons or 50,000 lbs.--the same as five African elephants.R... Read More »

How much does a garbage truck cost?

Garbage trucks are priced much like cars are. The price of a garbage truck is dependent upon how old it is, the features, mileage and condition it is in. RDK lists garbage trucks for as low at $9... Read More »