How much does a gallon of liquid chlorine weigh?

Answer A gallon of liquid chlorine weighs approximately 12.51 lbs. Liquid chlorine is about 1.5 times heavier than water and the weight of a gallon of water is approximately 8.34 lbs--1.5 X 8.34 lb/gallon... Read More »

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How much does 1 gallon of liquid chlorine weigh?

The density of liquid chlorine is 1.5 times that of water. The density of water is 8.34 lb. per gallon. So the density of liquid chlorine is 1.5 * 8.34, which is equal to 12.51 lb. per gallon. Thus... Read More »

How much liquid chlorine is needed for 1 gallon of water sanitation solution?

According to the Rhode Island Food Safety Education Web site, a concentration of 25 to 100 parts per million of chlorine bleach is needed to create a sanitizing solution. One gallon of warm water r... Read More »

How much does a gallon of liquid sulfur weigh?

Each cubic centimeter of molten sulfur weighs 1.819 grams. A gallon contains 3,785 cubic centimeters, so a gallon of molten sulfur weighs 6,885 grams, or 15.2 pounds. Sulfur melts at 115.2 degrees ... Read More »

Would collision or other than collision coverage apply if a liquid chlorine jug fell in your vehicle while driving and the chlorine damaged your carpet?

Answer That should be covered by comprehensive insurance and the insurance company will pay for damages minus any deductable.