How much does a full size mattress weigh?

Answer A full size mattress weighs 72 pounds on average. This weight varies by manufacturer and depends on whether the mattress has a pillow topper, in which it would weigh a bit more than a standard matt... Read More »

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How much does a NASCAR gas can weigh when full?

When completely filled with gasoline, a NASCAR gas can weighs up to 80 lbs. This requires exceptional strength from the pit crew member who is responsible for carrying the gas can over the pit road... Read More »

How much does a WWII jerry can full of gasoline weigh?

According to the military equipment website Olive-Drab, the U.S. military began using the steel jerry can to store and transport liquids during World War II. The capacity of the steel jerry can is ... Read More »

How much does a full propane tank for my grill weigh?

The tare weight, or empty weight, of a 20-pound gas grill propane tank is 18 pounds. When filled to capacity with 20 lbs. of fuel, the cylinder will weigh 38 lbs.References:Propane 101: Propane Cyl... Read More »

Planter that is cirular and 5 and half feet across and approximately 24 tall How much dirt is in the pot and how much does it weigh?

area pi(r)2(h)=A pi(5.5)2(24)=A the area should be about 2280.796 square feet - that's how much dirt... the weight depends on how much dirt weighs, which i don't know.... Correction Our friend ... Read More »