How much does a french drain cost?

Answer A French drain can cost a homeowner $800 to over $1,000 (as of 2009), depending on its length. Most of this cost is for the labor to have it installed. If the homeowner installs the drain himself, ... Read More »

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How much does gravel cost for a French drain?

Gravel for a French drain costs approximately $20 to $35 per ton. French drains require utility gravel from 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter. The final gravel cost for a French drain will depend on t... Read More »

What is the cost of french drain installation?

The average cost to install a French drain is estimated at $25 per square foot for an average 15- to 20-foot drain.Source:Galt Home

How much pea gravel do you put in a French drain?

French drains are used to drain excess water away from low-lying parts of a yard. There should be 2 inches of pea gravel around all sides of the drain pipe. The gravel should be clean and washed. ... Read More »

How much gravel is needed for a French drain?

To calculate how much gravel you need for a French drain, multiply the length by the width by the depth, all in feet. Divide the total by 27, and the result is how many cubic yards of gravel you wi... Read More »