What is in a Smirnoff Ice?

Answer Smirnoff Ice is a triple-filtered, premium malt beverage with natural flavors containing Smirnoff vodka, sugar, lemon-lime soda and various fruit juices. Included in the Smirnoff Ice flavors are th... Read More »

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Does Smirnoff Vodka go off?

Strong spirits begin to oxidise as soon as the bottle is opened. In premium spirits such as single malt whisky, brandy or gin, this can lead to a certain flatness in the taste and a loss of bouque... Read More »

How is Smirnoff Ice made?

A popular beer alternative, Smirnoff Ice is a premium malt beverage with a crisp lemon flavor. The Smirnoff Company, known for its vodka, produces Smirnoff Ice as part of its extensive alcohol line... Read More »

Is beer better than Smirnoff?

A typical beer ranges from 8%-4% alcohol percentage (there are much higher if you search them) , while a Smirnoff is about 5%. Assuming that your buying beers in that alcohol content range I would ... Read More »

Does Smirnoff Ice have caffeine?

Smirnoff Ice is a drink with low alcohol content based on Smirnoff vodka. In addition to vodka it contains sugar and juice or lemon-lime soda. There is no caffeine in it.References:Drink Swap: Smir... Read More »