How many ounces of Captain Morgan spiced rum to get drunk?

Answer Uh 6 or 7 ounces i guess would do it since you dont drink much if you dont dilute it with anything. And man you've got a good friend captain morgan rocks :)

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Should I invest in JP Morgan or Captain Morgan?

Captain Morgan might be harmful to your brain from all that alcohol in it. While JP Morgan might be harmful to your wallet from all those bad debts it keeps hiding on its books.It's a choice betwe... Read More »

How many calories in captain morgans spiced rum?

Unlike say beer, which has significant carbs remaining, hard liquor straight opposed to some fancy pre-sugared drink mix can be calculated pretty easily.In this case, that rum has 35-37.5% (36% ave... Read More »

Who was Captain Morgan?

Captain Henry Morgan was a buccaneer, famous for sacking Spanish ships in the Caribbean Sea. He was born around 1635 to a Welsh farming family and at the age of 20 sailed to the Caribbean on a nava... Read More »

Captain Morgan?

Butt pirate, got a little captain in you?