How much does a featured vid on youtube cost?

Answer It's actually called "promoted videos", it's pretty much advertising your videos, and you get special features for your videos when you promote them, like call-to-action which allows you to adverti... Read More »

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How do I get a Playlist like a Featured Tab on YouTube?

Be REAL popular and get a ton of viewers. :3

What is a "Featured Video" on Youtube?

A featured video is something youtube selected that they think is good for other people to view

How to Make the Featured Video on My YouTube Channel Auto Play?

YouTube has become the world's premiere video-sharing site. When you sign up for an account and begin to upload videos, you are given a YouTube channel that displays your content. Until recently on... Read More »

Does it cost me anything to get on YouTube...?

Nope. BUT, indirectly, it does:Your internet service provider (ISP) gives you an AMOUNT of internet that you can use for FREE. This amount depends on how fast your internet is.The amount of intern... Read More »