How much does a facilities manager make?

Answer According to, facilities managers average $43,277 to $71,445 annually, as of April 2010. Increases can come from bonuses of $1,014 to $6,492, as well as profit sharing of $1,038 to $4,... Read More »

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What is a facilities operations manager?

Facilities operations managers are hired to maximize the use of facilities while minimizing the overall costs. Operations managers can monitor one building or multiple facilities. Employers include... Read More »

Facilities Manager Qualifications?

Facilities Managers are often employed by large institutions such as universities and hospitals. These managers are responsible for overseeing a range of activities, including grounds maintenance, ... Read More »

How to Make the Most of Church Facilities?

Churches are not just for Sunday service. Churches are a place of gathering for the many congregational activities and they can be (and hopefully are) open many more days than Sunday. When the chur... Read More »

How Much Does a Recording Manager Make?

Music and entertainment enthusiasts with technical knowledge of professional audio recording and sound equipment might be great candidates for positions as recording managers. Recording managers ar... Read More »