How much does a facelift cost?

Answer The average physician fee for a facelift in 2007 was just over $5,000. Additional fees for the surgical facility, chinstrap, anesthesia and medications, which can run the total bill up to $25,000.S... Read More »

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Difference Between Smas Facelift & Lifestyle Facelift?

There are many different types of facelift procedures that offer varying degrees of improvement and levels of risk. A less invasive procedure usually results in a more subtle difference in appearan... Read More »

What Is Good Age for a Mid Facelift?

You are starting to notice or have noticed, wrinkles or skin that is drooping, and you might be considering having a facelift, but, you don't want to have a full facelift. In this case, you may co... Read More »

How to Fake a Facelift?

Facelifts can be painful and expensive surgeries. The recovery time and potential for scarring seem sometimes a bit excessive for many people. Proper skin care, makeup and many available beauty pro... Read More »

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